Wednesday, May 23

Missed Connections

Someone for everyone

Hairy armpits, white dress - m4w - 40 (Jefferson St.)
"I saw you yesterday on Jefferson St., about a block from the Winn Dixie on Tchoup. It was 3:19 p.m. You had long brown hair, and were wearing a white, printed summer dress. You had on multi-colored shoes with very high heels. You were getting out of your car, and you whisped your hair out of your face, revealing your yummy hairy armpits. You are so incredibly beautiful. You almost made me run the stop sign looking at you in the rear view mirror. Oh, how I'd like to ask you out on a date." -Craigslist

I put the kitty litter in your basket - m4w (rouses on carrolton)
"You were one of the loveliest women i've ever seen! you were wearing jean shorts, brown top, and had brown hair and a beautiful smile. it was monday night, about 9:30. i first saw you coming out of an isle and we kind of smiled at each other. then i was in the checkout line behind you...i might have moved from one checkout line to yours just for a possible chance to talk to you... :) i didn't really get a chance, but i jumped at the chance to move the bag of kitty litter from the counter to your shopping cart. maybe i should have just introduced myself then...

I really hope you check these things. i've never actually checked them...or posted on them, but i thought it was worth a try. if you do check, and if you remember me, i'd love the opportunity to meet you."
Geeky Car on Oak Street Yesterday
"I have no idea who you are but I saw your car parked on Oak Street by Dante yesterday. A SUV/crossover. Honda, I think. Emblazoned on the back were the Star Wars Imperial emblem, House Greyjoy's sigil, and the Zerg and Diablo logos. I think I saw orange and blue Portal stickers on either side of the car too.
Well, whoever you are, you should be friends with me and my friends. Let's all get wasted and play some board/table-top/video games and talk nerdy shit. Bring your geeky friends too."

Reading the personals on Cragislist are delightfully entertaining. They make me think there is someone for everyone... even if it is not reciprocated.

Sunday, May 20

(My Life a Journal Entry)

 "Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and look at all beings with eyes of compassion."-Thich Nhat Hanh

Sunrise over the Mississippi River

Over the last month I have been taught more about life then I thought I needed to know. I was content where I was 29 days ago. I had gone on believing that I had finally arrived to where I would stay. However, fate has other plans for me.  I should not be the only one to learn a lesson, I hope that he realizes that the grass is the same shade of green on either side of the fence, but his side is going to be lonelier. 

In the end I have discovered that I don’t love being alone, but I can survive. I have learned that anger is a part of me, but I do not have to allow anger to be all of me. I learned very quickly to let go of the hate because it was hurting me more than him. Burning bridges is what he has done, but I have learned that will power keeps people from crossing back and respect keeps your past on good terms. He will never be able to come to me for help.  When everything is on the line, it is those past bridges we have crossed where support can be found in a time of need.  I have amazing friends who have been by my side this entire time. I regrettably never appreciated the people around me until I needed them, and they were there. I have become more mindful of me, which is incredibly self-centered and very gratifying. Until I figure out who I am and where I am going it is going to be all about me living in the here and now. I am going to go on all kinds of kick ass adventures,  catch up with old friends, read all the books on the shelf, knock off some of those bucket list items, and work harder than ever before to become something more.   Until I figure out things I will “Just keep swimming.” I expect I have more to learn.

Saturday, May 19

Motivational Poop!

I know all about “shit,” life has delt me a lot of it. When life gets you down get over it!
Shit happens, pick it up and move on.

Friday, May 18

I might be homeless but I am no gutterpunk!

Lots of stuff has gone down in my life in 2012. I have a new job! It is completely different from my old job, but there are still loads of crazy!
I am also now living this less cool nomadic life.  So I get to experience a new kind of life and meet new kind of people. I also get to starting dating!
So far my only offer has been from a lovely man I met in the park. Sadly he is unemployed, unwashed, and hungry.  He was very sweet though. The conversation went as such:
 Gutterpunk: “Do you have a boyfriend?”
Me: “No I do not; I am not really looking for one at this moment.
Gutterpunk: “Oh I am sorry, well I would make a good boyfriend, I would even pick you flowers.”
Me: “Well that is very sweet, thank you for the offer”
Gutterpunk walks away …
Gutterpunk returns and hands me a flower he picked
Gutterpunk: “When you’re ready for a boyfriend, you can meet me by the river.
Me: “Okay, I will remember that.”

Sunday, July 11

Bacon as Vegetable

Every good argument needs a diagram! Even if it is inaccurate and poorly illustrated. As of last Thursday, I decided to give vegetarianism a try. My goal is to last an entire week without meat. It really does not seem that horrid. It appears to be high in carbohydrates and fiber. I have been eating potato chips, random candy, and the occasional fruit. Basically my diet is made up on sunflower seeds. They are easy, sodium covered, and delicious. For my main meals I have enjoyed eggplant, pizza, and red beans. However a slight oversight is the bacon. On a few occasions i have included a bit of bacon into the meal. Therefore! As shown above, Bacon is in fact a vegetable. Pigs are omnivores. I have taken the liberty of breaking the big down by converting it's diet into our diet. I really hate using the theory of "you are what you eat," but in this case it benefits my perspective! I declare bacon is a vegetable. A very delicious, useful, protein packed option for all vegetarians.

Vegetables also include: Crawfish and Crabs (When in Season)

Friday, July 9


On a much happier note. I love my friends! They have been letting me visit with them on and off for several months now. We have grown the most delightful garden.
Most of the credit really does belong to Mitch, as I tend to kill most everything. The tomatoes were not horrid and we have more basil than we know what to do with. The okra is starting to look really great. Living in the city does not seem so horrid, who knew you could grow so much on concrete!

I have even discovered a very delightful community garden down the street! First Grace Community Garden appears at first glance to be very neglected. However, someone is working on it exceedingly slowly. Either way, this place is delightful!

Wednesday, July 7

Stupidity to End the World 2012

I find it horrifying that in just over 50 years America has declined so far down from being one of the great superpowers. This is probably an over discussed topic; however it is one that has a lot of stock available. I find it necessary to point out how much stupidity actually exists. I know I am not a shining example of brilliance. In fact, I myself am a great example! It would have taken me much longer to write this sans spell check. I cannot recall the last time I opened a dictionary to check myself. So there just has to be an entire generation who has never had to utilize a proper dictionary. What happen to the card catalog and the dewy decimal system? What about conversions from and to metric. I have never had a geography class perhaps that is I manage to get lost so easily. I heard they were removing penmanship from the class curriculum in many schools. I completely understand why it takes a teenager three hours to follow and build a tool that should not have taken more than ten minute assembly. According to an article I read in Psychology Today, America ranks #26 in “know-how.” Does that mean common sense? Apparently everything needs warning labels. For example a toaster really does not need to warning to not submerge it in water. If someone is stupid enough to sink a toaster, they should be electrocuted. In the good old days people learned how to use a spoon without having to read any warning labels to figure out you shouldn’t put it in the microwave. Besides, what good are warning labels in a majority of the country cannot read English? According to the same article, America ranked #12 in literacy. And with teenage pregnancy on the rise I am pretty sure they have removed sex education. The decline of intelligence very well could be the end of humanity in 2012. Or zombies. Or both.
End of rant.

I am prepared to fight off zombies, but I do not know how long I would survive in a pack of idiots.