Friday, May 18

I might be homeless but I am no gutterpunk!

Lots of stuff has gone down in my life in 2012. I have a new job! It is completely different from my old job, but there are still loads of crazy!
I am also now living this less cool nomadic life.  So I get to experience a new kind of life and meet new kind of people. I also get to starting dating!
So far my only offer has been from a lovely man I met in the park. Sadly he is unemployed, unwashed, and hungry.  He was very sweet though. The conversation went as such:
 Gutterpunk: “Do you have a boyfriend?”
Me: “No I do not; I am not really looking for one at this moment.
Gutterpunk: “Oh I am sorry, well I would make a good boyfriend, I would even pick you flowers.”
Me: “Well that is very sweet, thank you for the offer”
Gutterpunk walks away …
Gutterpunk returns and hands me a flower he picked
Gutterpunk: “When you’re ready for a boyfriend, you can meet me by the river.
Me: “Okay, I will remember that.”

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