Wednesday, May 23

Missed Connections

Someone for everyone

Hairy armpits, white dress - m4w - 40 (Jefferson St.)
"I saw you yesterday on Jefferson St., about a block from the Winn Dixie on Tchoup. It was 3:19 p.m. You had long brown hair, and were wearing a white, printed summer dress. You had on multi-colored shoes with very high heels. You were getting out of your car, and you whisped your hair out of your face, revealing your yummy hairy armpits. You are so incredibly beautiful. You almost made me run the stop sign looking at you in the rear view mirror. Oh, how I'd like to ask you out on a date." -Craigslist

I put the kitty litter in your basket - m4w (rouses on carrolton)
"You were one of the loveliest women i've ever seen! you were wearing jean shorts, brown top, and had brown hair and a beautiful smile. it was monday night, about 9:30. i first saw you coming out of an isle and we kind of smiled at each other. then i was in the checkout line behind you...i might have moved from one checkout line to yours just for a possible chance to talk to you... :) i didn't really get a chance, but i jumped at the chance to move the bag of kitty litter from the counter to your shopping cart. maybe i should have just introduced myself then...

I really hope you check these things. i've never actually checked them...or posted on them, but i thought it was worth a try. if you do check, and if you remember me, i'd love the opportunity to meet you."
Geeky Car on Oak Street Yesterday
"I have no idea who you are but I saw your car parked on Oak Street by Dante yesterday. A SUV/crossover. Honda, I think. Emblazoned on the back were the Star Wars Imperial emblem, House Greyjoy's sigil, and the Zerg and Diablo logos. I think I saw orange and blue Portal stickers on either side of the car too.
Well, whoever you are, you should be friends with me and my friends. Let's all get wasted and play some board/table-top/video games and talk nerdy shit. Bring your geeky friends too."

Reading the personals on Cragislist are delightfully entertaining. They make me think there is someone for everyone... even if it is not reciprocated.

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