Wednesday, July 7

Stupidity to End the World 2012

I find it horrifying that in just over 50 years America has declined so far down from being one of the great superpowers. This is probably an over discussed topic; however it is one that has a lot of stock available. I find it necessary to point out how much stupidity actually exists. I know I am not a shining example of brilliance. In fact, I myself am a great example! It would have taken me much longer to write this sans spell check. I cannot recall the last time I opened a dictionary to check myself. So there just has to be an entire generation who has never had to utilize a proper dictionary. What happen to the card catalog and the dewy decimal system? What about conversions from and to metric. I have never had a geography class perhaps that is I manage to get lost so easily. I heard they were removing penmanship from the class curriculum in many schools. I completely understand why it takes a teenager three hours to follow and build a tool that should not have taken more than ten minute assembly. According to an article I read in Psychology Today, America ranks #26 in “know-how.” Does that mean common sense? Apparently everything needs warning labels. For example a toaster really does not need to warning to not submerge it in water. If someone is stupid enough to sink a toaster, they should be electrocuted. In the good old days people learned how to use a spoon without having to read any warning labels to figure out you shouldn’t put it in the microwave. Besides, what good are warning labels in a majority of the country cannot read English? According to the same article, America ranked #12 in literacy. And with teenage pregnancy on the rise I am pretty sure they have removed sex education. The decline of intelligence very well could be the end of humanity in 2012. Or zombies. Or both.
End of rant.

I am prepared to fight off zombies, but I do not know how long I would survive in a pack of idiots.

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