Sunday, July 11

Bacon as Vegetable

Every good argument needs a diagram! Even if it is inaccurate and poorly illustrated. As of last Thursday, I decided to give vegetarianism a try. My goal is to last an entire week without meat. It really does not seem that horrid. It appears to be high in carbohydrates and fiber. I have been eating potato chips, random candy, and the occasional fruit. Basically my diet is made up on sunflower seeds. They are easy, sodium covered, and delicious. For my main meals I have enjoyed eggplant, pizza, and red beans. However a slight oversight is the bacon. On a few occasions i have included a bit of bacon into the meal. Therefore! As shown above, Bacon is in fact a vegetable. Pigs are omnivores. I have taken the liberty of breaking the big down by converting it's diet into our diet. I really hate using the theory of "you are what you eat," but in this case it benefits my perspective! I declare bacon is a vegetable. A very delicious, useful, protein packed option for all vegetarians.

Vegetables also include: Crawfish and Crabs (When in Season)

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