Thursday, July 1

Proper or Not

I am having issues deciding what proper etiquette is. Last August I started a relationship with an older gentleman, an eleven year difference. I was raised by a single mother where etiquette was not really important. I was not raised like Reba’s “Fancy,” my mother did not raise me to find a man that would support me. My mother taught me to be self reliant, self sufficient, and independent. Unfortunately I am not my mother and I really like having a companion. So, I discovered I needed to go out and research proper etiquette. I bought a few books and studied up. I brushed up on dining etiquette and basic lady like skills. Previously, when I thought about dating I did not think I had to learn little details. A year later I certainly have learned to like having doors held and sits pulled out for me. Perhaps it is my generation that etiquette and manners are being lost. I have dated people my age; there are a lot of formalities that just do not occur. I was reading the eHow article on how to be a southern gentleman; I would like to update that so it applies to modern society.

I think impeccable manners, could just be decent manners and have a respectful nature. Honestly, I kn ow my manners are not impeccable… I definitely appreciate the idea of having someone helping me to my seat and taking my coat. I like am man that can appreciate my cooking, even if he has to lie. Another thing about a southern gentleman is that they must have charm. To show my nerdiness they should have at least a 15 charisma. Although, I would not mind a high dexterity either…

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