Saturday, June 19

No good jobs.

I have come to the conclusion, and perhaps am misguided, that there are no good jobs. There are the incredible awesome jobs that we will never find and the jobs we do find. Even though I have a full time job doing mildly interesting retail things, I will never make enough or amount to anything with this job.
I have been looking around and here are the prospects that interest me most:

Utilize my under-utilized BA and get a job editing photos (NOW) and (LATER) open some sort of studio for myself.

I could take my love of triage and patching of people and animals by going back to school and getting some sort of medical degree (NOW) or (EVEN SOONER) Social castrate myself and become an mad scientist. (However, I think even mad scientist needs start up funds?)

Another great option would be to follow in Coco Chanel's footsteps by learning some actual trade and find "patrons" to buy me a nice life. Totally seems like a good life, sex isn't a bad job! This way you can pick your partners. Shame the world isn't like it used to be.

Housewife, I have not quite figured this one out, but it mildly interests me, although it really is not an option available.

I have no idea what to really do, the economy is rather shitty, but there are a few jobs I have noticed on the rise that do not really appeal to me. However, these jobs do pay more then my salary!

Landscaper, general yard care person, can easily get 30-50 an hour depending on the job. As long as you can stand the heat and the bugs.(no degree required)
Dog sitters, dog walkers, and pooper scoopers are making a bit above minimum wage for sure! Just look at to find a local shit removal service.

These really do seem rather crappy.

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